Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm back on the block

OK people, I am taking your advice and hitting the streets.  Last weekend I went out with my roommate to a wine bar and dinner.  We went to a cute spot call Nectar (that's for my NYC folks) anyhow it was a great girls night out.  As we went to the next place...mind you a little tipsy, I had a gentleman approach me and say "he had ot say something to me because I was such a beautiful woman."  My first reaction..."ughhh pullezzze."  Second reaction "here we go first dude I am nice to because of this blog".  It was real weird mainly since I knew I normally wouldn't give this dude the time of day.  We exchanged numbers and will meeting soon for a date.  Funniest part of the night, once I was done speaking with dude, my friend asks me "who's the leprechaun you were talking to?"  Yes people he's short.  lol.  And from this point forward he will be called "the leprechaun". 

Additional update: me and the leprechaun have spoken on the phone and I must say it has been a pleasant surprise.  Not that short people can't formulate sentences or anything, but he has been an interesting conversation dude.  He said he would like to take me out to breakfast.  At first i was like...really dude are you serious?  Thinking does he think I am doing him?  But then he said, I find that most people are more alert in the morning...hmmmm this might a smart leprechaun.  lol. 

I also just joined a website called  Please look at this fools profile picture.  I don't even have any words. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So I know I have been missing in action but its mainly cause I ain't had a date since the toe dude.  lammmmmmeeeeeee!  

Why?  I'm afraid!  Maybe I should change my challenge?  Or cancel it?  I struggled with this for 2 weeks and I decided I need to have some rules.  So yes I know one is no one is coming to my house.  lol. 

But what else should I include? 

On another note I need some help getting dates.  HELP!!!  I don't know where to go, what to do, how to go about it.  I guess I know why I'm single now huh?  LOL.  Any suggestions out there in the blogosphere?  I did try but guess what no one in my criteria was available.  I'm going to try again and keep it wide open...oh lord.  :)  Any other ideas? 

On a story point---Should return offenders count?  I have a few dudes I used to date that always seem to come back on the scene.  It's like my mother said...they always call again.  And man if they don't.  Anyhow, this one guy who we will call "the comic" has been trying to make a comeback.  I keep saying no to going out again...maybe I should and add him to the story trail.  There are definitely some funny quirks about dude that I can share which would be very entertaining.  Let me know if you want to hear about the return offenders too. 

There are lot of to do's from you the readers.  So I shall end it with this....It's up to you what my next steps are.  So respond or I won't know what you want.