Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Return expiration date?

You know the age old saying that applies to men and dating..."they always come back"?  Well it is so very true.  I have 2 offenders who always make a come back after doing something stupid or dropping off the face of the earth to be the spies I have assumed they must be.  Why on earth do it guys?  Just say you aren't interested or stay out of our lives.  Why keep coming back???  So with my 2 recent come back on the scenes I have been a totally different person than the times before.  I'm setting standards.  Here's what I want, can you give that to me this time without running off to Russia for 6 months?  If you can't get to stepping and if you lie and say you can, know the repercussions are devastating for you. 

Return 1-  So haven't seen or spoken to him in 3 or so months other than his occasional texts to congratulate me on milestones in my life that he heard about through the grapevine.  I recently saw him somewhere and I was cordial, while he was acting as if nothing had changed.  Giving me full disclosure on his whereabouts and the such, just making it super obvious he thought everything was the same.  What???  So here it is, I said on this blog that if I got asked out I would go out with anyone.  So he asked me out and I went and had a great time.  It was a interesting date in the boonies, we went to a tai chi festival and then to a farmer's market and then to lunch.  It was one of our best dates ever.  Even with my wall up like dude I don't believe you. Fast forward a few days and we meet up for ice cream!!!  This dude is trying to wear me down with cuteness....I'm trying to keep an open mind but it is so hard because of our history. 

Return 2-  This fool has been on  assignment in jerkville since winter sometime.  And today he sent me a text.  One really outlining his whereabouts and apology.  It was this:  "Good Morning". 

Word?  Ugh!  Now he's texting he wants to have some sort of a relationship with me...I'm rolling my eyes as I type.  Where does this dude get off?  If there are any guys reading this please let me know your thoughts. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the bold and the courteous...

So last week i got bold.  I started reaching out to a couple of dudes I always thought were cute and fun and pretty much demanded dates.  it was like having an outer body experience.  Me???  Reach out to someone and plan a date?  Not I said the blind guy.  But the power of having to blog about my dating has made me a little bolder.  Well mainly cause you need dates to blog about.  LOL.  So alas i reached out and started some communication with 2 guys I may be slightly interested in.  Ok let's face it, I'm in stalk with one of them.  SMH. 

But you all who are reading this (I'm not really sure anyone is reading this thing), should be very proud!  I reached out to both!  One date was planned and has happened.  It's funny he is the one I am not stalking.  Completely not my usual type but still I felt something about something.  Guess what?  He was another gentleman.  I mean he knocked it out of the box with the chivalry.  Walking on the side of the sidewalk closest to the street, wouldn't let me pay for anything.  And then walked me to the car and then walked around and opened MY door to get into my own car.  Really?  LOL.  I'm super lame but I was floored.  Dude is a character which makes us a good match...just one thing though...he's skinny.  I think I might break him.  :|

The stalkee and I have agreed to plan something but nothing is planned yet.  I wonder if it is because he has figured out I am stalking him???  LOL.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I just got a piece of sage advice from a male friend today.  He said "F*ck it".  As soon as he said it I thought to myself, that's exactly what I need to do, this dude is a genius.  In this weird quest or whatever you call it that I am blogging about I have discovered 2 things:
  1. I get bored and tired of ridiculousness very quickly
  2. I don't know how to take a loss
Let's discuss.  I've been dealing pretty regularly with hot chocolate guy.  We chat a bunch go on some outings here or there.  But here's my thing about him...I have to start every communication.  He never reaches out to me first.  So if I don't say anything he's gone for days.  On top of that this dude works maybe 22 hours a day.  Who does that?  I'm apparently needy (learned that just now) and I don't deal well with being bored.  Confirmation to point 1, if you are a habitual ridiculousness crosser then don't join online dating sites claiming to want to meet someone.  You aren't for real.  You are playing games hot chocolate.  Now I can say that just fine right now to you.  Come tomorrow I am going to be a little sad inside because I want to know what happened?  Where did I go awry?  Should I reach out to hot chocolate?  Maybe he's busy?  Which brings me to point number 2.  I need to take the "L" and move on.  In essence I need to say 'F*CK IT".  No need to dwell time to move on. 

Move on time:  I joined match.  What a different experience this has been from my past time on match.  This time around I seem to get more people reaching out to me which is great for my Kanye West size Ego.  Needless to say, I am having more fun on this site than I expected.  It's a lot of emailing and no real dates yet but sheesh i am really juggling these fools.  I am still a smidge picky and I deny folks I'm not even remotely interested in.  But I have been accepting to the idea of perhaps dating a person from another race.  We shall see what happens. But now I state that no matter what may or may not happen, I will have the presence of mind to say "F*CK IT!"