Sunday, January 3, 2010

The bouncer

So I went out with the bouncer that I met.  I wasn't all that interested but like I said I was dating everyone.  Anyhow, here are some of the highlights...
  1. he was 45 minutes late, luckily he kept calling something about traffic. 
  2. we went to Houlihan's...he said and I quote "I've never been to a place like this."  Really? Never Friday's nothing?  But hey I'm not judging.  
  3. We went to a movie that I did NOT want to go to.  He fell asleep, snored and I was forced to watch the lameness movie.  
  4. oh he has a tongue piercing...Not sure how I feel on that yet either.
  5. He's like 6'5"  and a "thickums" lol.  But hey so am I.  Well I'm not 6'5".
Overall he was a nice guy and the conversation wasn't so bad.  I think I will go out with him again.  One thing that was super weird, today he asked me to text him a picture of my toes.  hmmm...foot fetish perhaps?  Creepy.


  1. toes... ha love it... second date? why? seemed an underwhelming first... booo.. move one! next dude!

  2. i say give him a second try...who knows, you might get a new pair of fabulous shoes out of it...not sure about the falling asleep at the moves though...hmmmm.....

  3. This story had me dying lol. Anyway I think someone else mentioned this but you should sign up for I signed up for like 4 hours then cancelled my account because I'm such a punk :(. Have you given it any thought? I think it's good you're giving Bouncer a 2nd chance. Can't wait for the update.

  4. So Jesse I am thinking a second date because normally I wouldn't give him a second date. This is about me not doing what I would normally do.
    Monadarling-I checked out the site. i'm going to do it for sure. I'm a punk too but I've got blog fans to please. :)

  5. Second date with the guy that snored through the movie? Run, GP RUN!!! LOL

  6. yeah...the going to sleep in the movie thing would've gotten on my nerves too...i would've poked him all night..i had a guy do that and I was NOT happy..anyway...the foot photo and tongue ring would throw me off...ummm on second thought...give the tongue ring a try and report back...HA!!!

  7. hey now... how can we give up on a guy that has some mysterious quirks to explore? I need to know more about the toes... and the tongue ring. What movie was it by the way?


  8. Hey Gena...check out this guy's blog...he left a comment on mine???...not sure why but looked interesting.

  9. Did you go out with my brother? He's not 6'5 or a bouncer but he's definitely the type to fall asleep in a movie and snore loudly. Oh that was funny. I understand why you'd give him a second date but I warn you not to expect too much more. He's already raising his red flags.