Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Returns continued...status check

So return of the mack #1 and I have continued chit chatting and last week i was near his apartment so I let him know I was in the vicinity so he said to stop by.  I toyed with whether I should go or not but I decided, I'm going...I have a blog to write and it has been boring.  LOL.  So I went by, even though I knew I had a visitor in town that would deter any business going down in the bedroom.  In my mind that was perfect so we didn't end up back where we have been before.  So I knock on his door...he takes forever.  I knock again no answer.  So I call him he says I'm coming.  OK well I have to pee hurry up please.  Still another minute passes and I am doing the dance that 4 year olds do when it's "potty time".  Finally I hear him unlock the door, I begin to push through and same something smart...like about time.  He closes the door in my face, "you have an attitude?", he says through the door.  Um no I just have to pee."  What do you want from me he asks...umm a toilet and toilet paper please.  He says..."not the right answer".  So we spend another minute doing this and then finally he answers the door.  I run in put my purse down, and he says behind me "Don't say I don't ever show you love".  So I turn around to curse him out and I see he's BUCKET NAKED.  WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT??????  I was oblivious, I had no idea.  What do I do next?  I bust out laughing.  It might be the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.  I was dying, which was probably the wrong reaction.  So what?  i was delirious and bleeding to death and I had to pee.  Nothing happened and I am sure he won't ever do that again with me but who cares I have this memory to last me a lifetime.  :) 

The other return of the mack #2 wants to plan a date.  So we decide to meet on Saturday for lunch.  We chat a few times about timing and location.  It's decided he will come pick me up.....uh...I'm still waiting for him, it's Tuesday.  Needless to say there will be no more comeback for him but alas I ask why do that?  Why plan a date to be a no show for it?  It was all your idea.  UGH he sucks.  Oh well I went shopping instead.  LOL. 

Finally-My blog has brought friends out of the wood works that have had some good dating stories and theories so I think I am going to start allowing guest blogger to come into the fold.  If anyone is interested in writing about a date or anything that my blog has made you do please feel free to reach out to me and let me know. 


  1. So how did you leave Mr. Buck Naked??..lol!

  2. He put his clothes on and then we just hung out. And then I fell asleep on his couch and he wanted to cuddle...meanwhile he doesn't have AC and it was hot as hell. I was like is this dude insane? it was a good visit though.